Best Softball Glove for Sale in 2018

Finding the best softball gloves for both slowpitch and fastpitch players can prove a difficult task. Your choice of the ideal glove depends on various factors including level you play at, position you play, size of your hand, your age and more. This is why we did the hard work to bring you a comprehensive guide. This pose discusses everything you need to know about choosing the best softball glove and reviews the 10 best models on the market.

How to Choose the Right Softball Glove

Whether you are looking for a less costly synthetic glove or a high-end leather mitt, it's always a good idea to choose something that suits your position. It should also be durable and not fall apart before the season is over.

Before we get started on the important factors to consider during your search, it's important to note that right hand throw gloves are worn on the left hand while left hand throw gloves are worn on the right hand. Most manufacturers offer their models in two version for the right- and left-handed players.

Softball Glove Material

The type of material used to make a softball glove directly impacts the price. For instant, top grade leather like a full grain glove comes at a premium price. Many professional players prefer leather mitts because they conform to the hand and are long lasting. While they do take a while to break in, some professionals compare them to fine wine that gets better with time. On the other hand, synthetic gloves more affordable and a good choice for those who are just getting started.

The Web of the Glove

Otherwise known as a pocket, the web refers to the catching area and is a major defining element of softball gloves. Manufacturers offer all kinds of web designs and they all fall into one of two main categories. The open web mitt has an I or H design and features leather woven to the rest of the glove with leather lacing. It is popular among infielders because it helps with quick ball transfer. Closed web mitts are basically one solid piece and as such, offer a more rigid catching area. It is common among pitchers who want to shield their grips from the opposing team.

What Size Softball Glove Should I get?

The size of a softball glove is probably the most important factor to consider during your search. It is usually measured from the tip of the index finger to the heel i.e. point where the glove rests on the wrist. The size of gloves is measured in inches and the technique used to acquire this measurement is quite different for catcher's gloves.

Rather than the length, the circumference is used as a more accurate estimation of a glove's catching area. Regardless of the type of glove, it's important to ensure that it's a solid match for your hand. This will make easier to manipulate the glove open and close as required. A well fitting glove should have a secure pocket to hold the ball when catching or fielding. If it's too loose, it will only make defensive innings more difficult.

Softball Glove Wrist Adjustment

This is a factor that comes down to personal preference. Most manufacturers offer you an option between D-ring and Velcro for the wrist adjustment design. We often recommend Velcro since it is the easiest and fastest way to make adjustments. On the other hand, D-rings require a little bit of hassle but last longer. A few models come with a buckle or lace wrist adjuster.

The Back of the Glove

Like webbing, the back of a softball glove can either be open or closed. Open gloves usually expose the top of the wrist, thus providing an increased range of movement. This makes them quite popular among infielders. Closed back gloves provide more wrist support and are good for laser beam line drives. They sometimes have a finger slot and are favored by outfielders.

Breaking In a Softball Glove

The last thing you should do is run out on the field one day after purchasing a 100% player break in glove. Trying to field balls with an extremely glove will be difficult and balls will most likely bounce right off the glove. The general rule of the thumb is that gloves made for higher grade leather are stiffer. Many manufacturers list the break-in on the list of product specifications. That said, we recommend glove oil and playing some catch before the actual game day.

Infield vs. Outfield Softball Gloves

Gloves are designed differently to matching various player positions. Two of the common designs are infield and outfield gloves. Infield gloves allow players to make quick transfers from fielding to the throwing hand and delivery. Compared to other types, these gloves are shorter and have a shallower pocket. The webbing incorporates an I-web, H-web, modified Trap-eze pocket or post web. Infield gloves have a standard size of 11.5-12.5 inches.

Outfield gloves are designed for occasional miraculous diving match, reeling in high flying balls, line drives as well as in-the-hole grounders. They are longer with deeper finger slots and oversized pockets. Common web designs are H-web and Trap-eze, which make it easy to track the ball while blocking the sun. closed webs are common and the reinforced fingers keep the ball in the glove during diving plays. The standard size of outfield gloves is 12.0-14.0 inches.

Catcher's Mitts for Softball

Finding the best softball gloves for both slowpitch and fastpitch players can prove a difficult task. Your choice of the ideal glove depends on various factors including level you play at, position you play, size of your hand, your age and more. This is why we did the hard work to bring you a comprehensive guide. This pose discusses everything you need to know about choosing the best softball glove and reviews the 10 best models on the market.

First Base Softball Gloves

A 1st base softball glove is a hybrid of the fielder and catcher's mitt. It features extra padding and is longer than the infielder's and catcher's mitts. This glove is designed to be stronger than others and is best utilized by players with larger hands. The standard size is 12-14 inches.

The 10 Best Softball Gloves

1. Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove

The Wilson A360 is our best pick for best slow pitch softball glove. It is designed to cater to the all playing positions. Highlights include availability in left and right hand models as well as in between size of 13 inches. It is neither too small for outfielders nor too big for infielders. Its length is just right for softball and the pocket is perfectly sized to fit a ball.

The A360 boasts a split hinge web design that gives you an incredible feel of the ball and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is made from pure leather, feels extremely soft and offers optimal comfort.

  • Designed for all playing positions
  • Available in left and right-hand throw versions
  • Features a split hinge web design
  • Design, style and size make it quite suitable for slowpitch softball
  • List Element
  • Stitching could use some improvement for added durability

2. Louisville Slugger 10.5" FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove

The Lousville Slugger 10.5" FG Diva is specially designed for young softball players. It is a infielder 10.5 inch glove that features soft pig leather on the palm. The mesh back design makes it easy to close and the glove more affordable. There is no break-in period required since it's ready to play and not stiff.

Despite being marketed as a 10.5" glove, the FG Diva is quite roomy and feels very comfortable. It can withstand all kinds of action on the field and still protect your hand. Given its size, this glove is a great investment for players aged 7-9 years old. It offers premium performance and the flexibility that a young infielder needs to develop their catching skills.

  • Made with a softened pig leather palm for comfort
  • Doesn't require a break-in period
  • Lightweight design thanks to special mesh padding
  • Ideal for young fastpitch softball players in youth leagues
  • Will only lasts for no more than two seasons

3. Wilson Flash Series FP12 Glove

The Wilson Flash Series FP12 is yet another softball glove designed for young infield players. Like other models in the Flash Series, this youth fastpitch glove boasts construction with flexible materials and thoughtful design. It is incredibly comfortable to handle and available in both left and right hand configurations.

The Wilson Flash Series FP12 is made with leather where you need it and woven fabric where you don't. This makes for a pretty lightweight glove that doesn't compromise on durability. The ring and pinky fingers are directed to the same end finger wall. This allows for maximum leverage required to close the glove.

  • Designed for young infield players in youth softball leagues
  • Made with leather and woven fabric for durability and lightweight
  • Features dual stall for maximum leverage to close the glove
  • Available in left hand throw and right hand throw configurations
  • Not the best for players with large hands

4. Easton Z-Flex Youth Series Fastpitch Glove

The Easton Z-Flex Youth Series are one of the best fastpitch softball gloves available on the market. Offered at a reasonable price, these gloves boast exaggerated pockets that aid in making more catches. The company dubbed this glove pocket the Grab All web, and is equivalent to 40% than the average webs on youth gloves.

There are elastic strips on either side of the palm that help facilitate easy closure. This glove is available in two sizes i.e. 10 and 11 inches. Easton even offers a 9" glove to help new players advance their game play. It also boasts durable construction with ultra-soft leather.

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Made with ultra-soft leather
  • Has a lock down adjustable wrist strap to keep it in place
  • Reasonably priced
  • None specified by customers

5. Mizuno Prospects Series GPL1250F1 Tartan Hilo

The GPL1250F1 Tartan Hilo is a 12.5" fastpitch softball glove that incorporates modern technology like ParaShock, PowerClose and V-Flex Notch in its design. The PowerClose technology makes it easier to catch the ball while V-Flex Notch allows for easy opening and closure of the glove.

Another notable feature of this women's fastpitch softball glove is the ButteSoft lining, which provides added hand protection and comfort. The Parashock Palm Pad does a good job of absorbing vibrations from the impact of the ball as well as reducing the sting. The glove doesn't require much of a break-in period and you have the option to choose either a left-hand or right-hand configuration.

  • Made with quality and soft leather material
  • Affordable price
  • Fits nicely and stays secured to the player's hand
  • Has a unique palm padding that eliminates sting and reduces shock
  • Only suitable for infielders

6. Mizuno Franchise GFN1250F2 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove

The Mizuno Franchise GFN1250F2 is an excellent 12.5" women's softball glove designed with infielders in mind. It features a Tartan H2 web, which is specially good for women. This glove is made using java leather with pre-oiled tumbles. The alternating hilo lace pattern helps retain the integrity of the fully laced web with increased flexibility.

Like the #5 model reviewed above, this one incorporates V-Flex Notch, Parashock Palm Pad and Parashock Plus Palm Pad. It also uses the patented QuickForm lace to make tightening the laces throughout the fingers easy.

  • Specially designed for female fastpitch players
  • Made with long lasting java leather
  • Features an ortholite palm pad that absorbs shock
  • Comes with double hinged heel
  • Too small for an average size hand

7. Mizuno Premier GPM1404 14" Softball Glove

If you are shopping for men's slowpitch softball gloves that also work well for fastpitch softball, the Mizuno Premier GPM1404 14" is worth considering. It boasts an open back design as well as a polyurethane Powerlock Strap that keeps it secured to the player's hand. The interior and exterior sides of the gloves are made with different types of leather. The full grain leather shell plays a significant role in this product's longevity.

Like most modern softball gloves, this one is available for both right hand throw and left hand throw. Also featured is an Arched Tartan web design, which creates a deep pocket to help you catch the ball nicely.

  • Has an excellent feel and doesn't require a break-in period
  • Made of genuine high grade leather for longevity
  • Good for recreational and professional softball
  • Has an open back design for added comfort
  • Leather ties between fingers aren't very durable

8. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings Libert Advanced Softball Glove Series is designed to provide optimum control, comfort and durability. It comes with a full grain leather shell for longevity and all leather laces. It also has Index Finger Guards and Paron XRD Palm, both of which help enhance comfort and control. In addition, they provide extra protection by reducing the sting that comes with catching high speed balls.

The non-slip pull strap is adjustable and makes it easy to get a snug fit. This is a 12" glove, but is also available in six other sizes. Rawlings caters to all hand orientations and makes this glove available in an appealing white color with red accents. Overall, this tops the list for best catcher's mitt for softball.

  • Made with full grain leather for durability
  • Available in several sizes
  • Fits nicely and can be adjusted depending on your needs
  • Provides sufficient hand protection
  • White color is prone to staining

9. Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt

Our top pick for 1st base softball glove is the Easton Salvon Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt. It is constructed using 365 steerhide leather, a tough and tight-grained material that guarantees longevity. Unfortunately, it requires an extended break in period. the VRS shock pad in these mitts does a good job of reducing painful sting of the hardest throws. A major highlight of this glove is that it has a double deep pocket, making it particularly good for the firstbase position. The mesh backing improves the glove's airflow and flexibility.

  • Has sufficient padding for protection
  • Constructed with a tough and tight-grained leather material
  • Features a open, single-post web for visibility
  • Requires extended break-in period


Choosing the best softball glove for you is quite easy if you know what to look for. Our top pick, the Wilson A360, caters to all playing positions. It has a split-hinge web design and is made from pure leather. This results in an extremely durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing glove. All of these are qualities to look for in a softball glove.