The 10 Best First Base Gloves for Sale in 2018

First basemen catch more balls than any other player, or at least they are supposed to. For this reason, first basemen gloves are designed to perform a multitude of functions while out on the diamond. Longer than traditional infielder gloves, boasting more generous pockets, and lacking separated finger slots, these mitts, as they are more precisely labeled, are intended to protect a player’s hand while enhancing their ability to scoop, retrieve, field, and catch balls. 

To ease your glove-buying troubles, we’ve developed a thorough, comprehensive first base glove buyer’s guide, exclusive reviews of the top rated first baseman gloves, and our ruling of the overall best first base mitt. 

Today we will be reviewing the following first base gloves: 

  • Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred First Base Mitts
  • Mizuno GXF102 Youth Prospect First Baseman Mitt
  • Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt
  • Mizuno World Win Series GXF75 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt
  • Mizuno GXF58 MVP Series 13" Adult Baseball or Softball First Baseman Mitt - Brickdust
  • Wilson A900 12" First Base Mitt: WTA09RB18BM12
  • Mizuno World Win GXF75 Baseball First Baseman's Mitt (12.5-Inch)
  • Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove
  • Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Base Baseball Glove
  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

What Makes the Best First Base Mitt?

While it may be enjoyable to reminisce about buying your first baseball glove, the act of purchasing a position-specific glove can be overwhelming. Don’t fret! We’ve broken down the most important features to pay attention to when shopping for premium mitts. 

Construction and Design of the First Base Glove

Prior to purchasing a mitt, you should become familiar with a few basic features, including the webbing, palm, heel, pocket, and fingers. While a first baseman’s glove may resemble a typical infield glove in more ways than one, the slightest tweaks transform it into a workhorse fit for this challenging` position.

The first feature to take into account is the webbing. This part of the glove is found in the area between the thumb and fingers. There are several different varieties of webbing found in baseball `gloves, though the most popular styles for first basemen are single and dual posts. The lattice design prevents a player from gathering dirt when going after wild grounders and hops.

Another important feature is the glove’s palm panel. The size of this panel is consistent with that of a catcher’s glove, although it does not feature the same thick padding. With that being said, most manufacturers incorporate slim, lightweight palm pads to protect the first baseman’s hand from the shock of continual catches. This feature also forms the center of the glove’s pocket. A first baseman’s pocket should be significantly deeper than that of other infielders. This allows them to handle a high frequency of catches while providing a bigger target for their teammates.

Finally, pay attention to the glove’s heel. This is the portion of the inner panel that falls between the wrist and palm. A low-profile heel gives a player more flexibility when opening and closing the glove.


A first baseman’s glove needs to be rigid enough to withstand countless throws, flexible enough to field accurately, and cozy enough to house a player’s catching hand for hours of grueling games. For this reason, leather, which is naturally durable, lightweight, and sturdy, is the material of choice for the vast majority of baseball glove manufacturers. Popular leather varieties include buffalo hide, full grain leather, and cow hide. Premium leathers are more costly and take longer to break in but are superior performers.

Another important but frequently overlooked feature of a first baseman’s glove is the closure. Closures allow players to tighten the wrist opening. A snug, firm fit helps a player to better coordinate their glove with their hand. Common types of wrist closures include hook and loop fixtures, D-rings, and laces.

What Size 1st Base Glove to Choose

Baseball glove sizes vary by position. Therefore, the standard adult-sized first baseman’s mitt measures between 12 and 13 inches, while a second base or shortstop glove averages between 11.25 and 11.5 inches. Meanwhile, children between the ages of 11 and 13 typically wear first base gloves that measure between 11.5 and 12 inches. For the most part, players younger than this don’t wear position-specific gear, though there are a number of youth first baseman’s mitts available. An in-depth first base glove size chart can be found at the Rawlings website. Important factors, which have been excluded from the first base glove size chart, are how to determine your hand preference and how to measure your hand for the ideal fit. Keep in mind that your mitt should be for your catching hand. Run a measuring tape from the top of your catch hand's wrist to the end of your index finger to gather an accurate measurement.

If your goal is to find the best first base glove for high school or schooled-aged players, resist the urge to buy a mitt that your young player can grow into. While this may seem like a savvy way to save a few dollars, a loose glove can jeopardize a players ability to catch and scoop accurately and be destructive to their progress.

What is the Difference Between a First Base Glove and a Regular Glove

Still wondering who would win in a first base glove vs regular glove battle? When you factor in all of the position-specific design components, the answer is crystal clear. Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, and Miguel Cabrera wouldn’t be nearly as triumphant without the deep pockets and flexible leather of their mitts.

How Should I Break in My First Base Mitt?

Baseball is a sport that is often memorialized by the rituals that are born of it. No such ritual is more personal nor sanctified than the process of breaking in a new glove. From running it over to lathering it with shaving cream, there is no procedure too time-consuming nor odd to prevent a devoted first baseman from getting his glove in top form. For those who aren't sure how to begin, YouTube offers a slew of videos devoted to breaking in gloves, including this one by a poster that goes by the name DineroGloves.

Does Brand Matter?

Wilson and Rawlings are household names when it comes to baseball equipment, but they're not the only players on the field. Lesser known companies that boast quality leather construction and state of the art technology are just as viable options as their mainstream competitors. 

The 10 Top Rated First Base Gloves

#1. Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred First Base Mitts

The Player Preferred edition of this Rawlings first base mitt is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic brown leather glove that is easy to break in. With single post, dual bar webbing you’ll be able to dig out those wild grounders without heaving dirt into the air. What’s more, the full-grain buffalo leather and authentic leather laces provide the durability and strength you need to play to your full potential.

This glove features a conventional back with a patented Velcro closure for easy adjustments. Plus, there is only 20 percent of the break in remaining at the time of purchase. This model is available in right and left hand varieties. 

  • Comes in sizes 12.5”-14”
  • Reasonably priced
  • Full-grain, oiled buffalo leather
  • Right and left hand thrower options
  • Laces require occasional tightening
  • No children’s sizes​​​​

#2. Mizuno GXF102 Youth Prospect First Baseman Mitt

We cannot say enough positive things about Mizuno’s Prospect Series youth first baseman’s glove. The sophisticated black and gold design incorporates a reliable heel flex technology and patented Parashock Palm Pad to ensure your young player is comfortable and ready for nonstop shock-free catching the whole game through. Mizuno’s signature Powerlock ensures a snug, adjustable fit. As an added bonus, the super soft leather holds its shape and is game-ready upon arrival.

If you're looking for a quality youth first baseman's glove that won't break the bank, look no further than this 12" baseball powerhouse. While it is not every day we see the two-piece trapeze webbing on a first baseman's glove, we're confident the GXF102 will stand up to the test. 

  • arrow-circle-right
    Black leather with gold markings
  • arrow-circle-right
    Great fit for children or those with small hands
  • arrow-circle-right
    Patented Powerclose seals in catches
  • Black dye bleeds

#3. Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt

Easton’s Salvo Mesh Series first baseman’s glove features mesh-lined 365 cowhide leather panels that make for a flexible, lightweight first baseman's mitt. What’s more, the cavernous pocket allows you to easily catch and retain the wildest pitches. Meanwhile, VRS palm padding eases the sting of high-impact balls. Finally, an adjustable Velcro strap locks the glove tightly around your wrist. This glove is available in left and right-hand varieties. 

  • High-contrast white laces on black leather
  • Mesh panels for improved flexibility
  • 365 cowhide leather
  • Fur lining
  • Size 13.5”

#4. Mizuno World Win Series GXF75 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt

Mizuno’s World Win Series first base mitt is the ideal midrange glove for players of all levels. It features open dual post webbing, a deep pocket, and unyielding leather panels. This stylish black and tan mitt is lightweight, durable, and has everything you need to go from rookie to player of the year.

  • Ideal for small hands
  • Dual post webbing
  • Classic black and tan leather combo
  • Limited sizes

#5. Mizuno GXF58 MVP Series 13" Adult Baseball or Softball First Baseman Mitt - Brickdust

The Mizuno MVP Series first baseman mitt wraps a bundle of modern mitt amenities into a classic brick dust leather exterior. Underneath its vintage façade, the GXF58 boasts professional laces, a patented Powerlock closure, and flexible dual post webbing. A great option for players with large hands, the Mizuno GXF58 is an affordable glove with premium construction. To round things out, it is also suitable for the game of softball.

  • 13.5” is excellent for large hands
  • Embroidered logo
  • Throwback brick dust color
  • Large size only

#6. Wilson A900 12" First Base Mitt:

The Wilson A900 is an outstanding traditional leather first base mitt. The double palm construction eliminates the shock of fierce hits. At 12 inches, the A900 is the ideal size for budding infielders. Meanwhile, the single post web keeps dirt out and bouncy grounders in.

The soft shell, laces, and liner are all 100% leather for consistent cushioned catches. This glove is easy to break in and quickly conforms to your hand. What’s more, it features a low profile frontal heel that allows you to effortlessly scoop up hops and other erratic balls. 

  • arrow-circle-right
    Brown and white
  • arrow-circle-right
    100% natural leather
  • arrow-circle-right
    Low profile heel
  • Stiffer than other mitts

#7. Mizuno World Win GXF75 Baseball First Baseman's Mitt (12.5-Inch)

It is not hard to see why Mizuno’s World Win Series first baseman’s mitt one of the top-selling midrange gloves. Measuring in at 12.5”, this midsized glove features resilient Parashock palm pads that cut rebounds down to a bare minimum. Its sleek black and tan leather exterior encompass a deep pocket that makes it easy to retrieve a ball and get it back in play. The moisture wicking liner helps draw sweat and water away from the skin for longlasting moisture-free play. Mizuno offers both left and right-handed versions of this glove.

  • Specially tanned leather
  • Buttery soft
  • Parashock palm pads
  • Runs small

#8. Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

Wilson hit it out of the park with their A2000 PS first baseman’s glove. Starting with the swanky black and yellow colored exterior, this glove is buzzing with charisma. The 12-inch mitt features plenty of critical features too. With a reinforced single post web, patented DriLex wrist lining, and a vast interior pocket, the A200 is homerun as far as baseball mitts are concerned. This glove is available in right and left-hand varieties. 

  • Black and yellow
  • Double heel break
  • Moisture-wicking DriLex wrist lining
  • 12” size only

#9. Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Base Baseball Glove

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Wilson’s amazing Miguel Cabrera Game Model first base glove. This 12-inch mitt is the lovechild of Wilson’s specialty lab in Chicago, Illinois. It features double frontal heels, premium leather panels, and patented Drilex wrist lining. Stiff laced edges are complemented by a perfectly padded Pro Stock leather interior pocket. There is also the wide single post web, Dual Welting finger enhancements, and signature lace pattern to ogle at. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Cabera or the Tigers, the black, orange, and navy color scheme is something is a desirable alternative to the brown and black gloves that saturate the market. 

  • Black, orange, and navy leather
  • 12” size
  • Pro Stock® leather​​​​
  • Can take a while to break in

#10. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

Wrapping up the list is the Heart of the Hide Series Rawlings first base mitt. Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, this 13-inch cowhide mitt offers up a professional infield experience. Starting with a stunning black hide leather shell, blended wool padding, and deer-tanned cowhide lining, this mitt oozes extravagance. Made for large hands that are destined for greatest, this glove features single post double bars and a sturdy, yet flexible reinforced heel. Due to the quality of the leather, this glove takes a bit longer to break in, but it is well worth it. Fun Fact: The first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt, uses this is his primary glove.

  • Heart of hide shell
  • Cowhide lining
  • Leather finger liners​​​​
  • Premium Price
  • Takes longer to break in

Our Conclusion: The Best First Base Glove is...

After taking a long, hard look at several premium first base gloves, we think its safe to say that the Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred First Base glove is the best first base mitt. The milk chocolate brown buffalo leather shell is constructed of workable, pre-oiled full-grain leather that is tied together with 100% leather laces and emblazoned with bold red Rawlings logos. Its conventional back, which features single post, double bar webbing, boasts a modern design that blends flawlessly into the vintage façade of tanned leather. While recommended for adult players, we are confident suggesting this 12.5” glove is the best first base glove for high school players too.