The Best Baseball Cleats for Sale 2018

Finding the best baseball cleats can help a player better their game! With the right cleats you or your baseball player will be able to increase their speed, protect the feet and ankles, and keep their footing even in the worst of conditions. However, a good pair of baseball cleats are not always easy to find...especially when you are faced with so many different options. Our job here at The Baseball Professor is to help you save time with your buying decisions. We know not everyone has the time to do the research for finding the right gear.

That's where we come in. 🙂

So! Instead of making you take the time to research cleats yourself, we took the time for you. And on this page, we will give you our recommendation for the best baseball cleats, by position, skill levels and investment through reviewing the following cleats:

  • Mizuno Men’s Baseball Cleat
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    New Balance Men’s Low-Cut Metal Cleat
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    Mizuno Men’s Softball Cleat
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    New Balance Youth Baseball Shoe
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    Mizuno Men’s Advanced Baseball Cleat
  • chevron-circle-right
    Adidas Performance Men’s Baseball Cleat
  • chevron-circle-right
    Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Cleat
  • chevron-circle-right
    New Balance Men’s Steel Spike Cleat
  • chevron-circle-right
    Nike Men’s Vapor Baseball Cleat
  • chevron-circle-right
    Under Armour Men’s Deception Baseball Cleats

Why Get a Great Pair of Baseball Cleats? 

You can't skip on the quality of your cleats...

There are many questions that you need to ask in entering the buying process and this is something you should be aware of. What are the best metal baseball cleats? Should catchers wear high top cleats? What are the best baseball cleats for speed? Neglecting to think of these things before making your cleat purchase can leave you disappointed with a sub-par pair! 

Do the thinking and let us help you to answer those questions.

How to Choose Your Baseball Cleats

When shopping for baseball cleats, there are a variety of things you should consider in each pair. First, you will need to determine what sort of top you want. Many baseball cleats are made with a low, medium, or high top around the ankles. Certain positions might require a higher topped cleats to protect the ankles from stray balls or quick movements. However, some players might prefer low top cleats for comfort.

Other things to consider when shopping for baseball cleats are the spikes on the bottom. You may be required to have rubber spikes for the field for some leagues, especially when buying softball cleats or youth baseball cleats. In this case, see our best molded cleats for baseball. However, higher levels of baseball might require metal spikes on the bottom. If there is no requirement, it can come down to player preference. The number of spikes might affect the cleats as well, but typically, this comes down to the preferences of the players.

Advantages of Picking the Right Pair of Cleats

While it’s no surprise that cleats are necessary to playing baseball, they can still have several advantages to each player and position. Cleats are made to help dig into the dirt and grass to help gain traction for running. Metal cleats might be better for gaining more speed, while rubber cleats might be better for players who need to play a quick position.

Baseball cleats are also made with harder, stiffer materials that help protect the feet and ankles, if you choose to get high tops, from injury while playing. It should be noted that cleats will not stop every injury to the feet or ankles, but they do offer a bit of protection against baseballs, other players’ cleats, and more. The high tops and medium tops are also great for helping keep the ankles from rolling over too often during run downs, stopping ground balls, or running to get under the fly ball in the outfield.

Factors to Consider: Spikes, Brand, League Requirements

As you are shopping for baseball cleats, there are a few things that you should look for. First, you should get the right size. This is pretty obvious since you wouldn’t want to put cleats on your child or even wear cleats yourself that are too small. You should also look at the lacings to ensure that they lace all the way to the top of the shoe.

Another thing to consider is the spikes. This consideration will fully depend on the level of baseball being played and the team or level requirements. Do you need metal spikes or rubber spikes? Do you even need spikes at all, or will turf shoes be acceptable for your sport? Some teams might require metal cleats, and others might require rubber cleats only. Cleats come in many different spike options, so this is an important thing to look for when buying your cleats.

Next, you will want to consider the brand. There are so many brands on the market that sell quality baseball cleats for players of all ages and levels. Some brands are known to withstand more use than other brands. Some are made specifically for higher levels of baseball, while others are made specifically for youth baseball players. Take into consideration the colors of the cleats as well since that might match or clash with the given uniform.

On to the cleat reviews!

The 10 Best Baseball Cleats for Sale in 2018

#1. Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Franchise 7 Low Baseball Cleat

Mizuno baseball cleats are some of the best on the market, and these shoes are no different. Made with nine different spikes, this franchise cleat is perfect for better traction and comfort while playing. In fact, these are some of the best baseball cleats for pitchers because of the traction. The tongue of these cleats is made with a padding that offers superior comfort both on and off the field.

The midsole is full length, and the shoes are made for an optimal fit for older baseball players. The spikes are made from rubber for durability. These cleats come in two different colors options, both black and white and royal blue. Comfortable and durable, these cleats are perfect for all positions on the diamond.

These cleats, however, are not easy to break in. In fact, it can take quite some time to get them to the perfect level of comfort needed to play good ball. The cleats are not easy to clean either, which can be a huge negative as a baseball player were dirt and dust are a normal part of the game.

  • These cleats come in several different color options.
  • The spikes are made of rubber.
  • Once broken in, these are comfortable cleats for routine use.
  • These cleats provide good traction.
  • These cleats are difficult to break in.
  • Not very easy to clean.

#2. New Balance Men’s Low-Cut Metal Cleat

Coming in many different color options, these cleats are made for superior comfort. The sole is synthetic, but the midsole is made from a rivlite material to provide comfort and support at the same time. The fantom fit gives you a better fit without it feeling tight or uncomfortable as well.

These cleats are made with a toe protectant to help protect against injuries due to baseball or other cleats. The comfort collar around the ankle of the cleats is made to keep the ankle from rolling and providing comfort. These cleats are equipped with metal spikes, and they are one of the best metal baseball cleats on the market.

The toes on these cleats tend to break easily, especially if you are a pitcher and tend to put your weight on your toes during play. These also tend to fall apart easier than other brands of cleats, which means they are not ideal for heavy use.

  • The cleats are made with a great fit for wide feet.
  • These are an extremely comfortable baseball cleat.
  • These are not ideal for pitchers because the toes tend to break easily.
  • These do not hold up as well as other brands.

#3. New Balance J4040V3 Youth Baseball Shoe

Searching for the best youth baseball cleats can be just as difficult as finding a great pair of adult baseball cleats. Luckily, New Balance has a great option. These cleats are made with a rubber sole and rubber spikes, which are requirements in many youth baseball programs. They are made for durability and comfort at the same time.

The shoe is made with a two-tone pattern that is also found in the lining, and they come in two different colors options: black and red. The underlay is made from mesh to keep the feet cool during play, and the fit is made perfect for little feet that are constantly growing and changing.

If you enjoy adding your footbed, these cleats are not the right pair. The footbed cannot be removed from this set of cleats. These are also made with a wide fit, so if your feet are more on the narrow side, they might fit too widely to be comfortable.

  • These cleats have a comfortable fit.
  • They come in two different color options.
  • These are not equipped with a removable
  • These are made with a wide fit.

#4. Mizuno Men's Advanced Blaze Elite 5 Low Baseball Cleat

Made with an optimal fit, these cleats are equipped with a traditional nine rubber spike bottom that provides great traction and comfort to any age baseball player. These cleats are made of two different color options, black and gray, so you can easily match them with your team’s colors. The midsole is a full length to provide the best comfort while you play.

Mizuno has added their special Proflex technology to provide the best flexibility for your feet while you play. The tongue is padded, and the multi-flex zones make this a great low cut baseball cleat for you. The company even has special development for baseball players of any position.

Durability is important, but these cleats are not as durable as other brands out there. They tend to fall apart quicker than other cleats, especially after heavy use. These also have a narrow fit, which might require extensive breaking in to achieve the best and most comfortable fit out there.

  • These cleats are made from high-quality
  • The spikes are made for better traction on both soft and hard ground.
  • The cleats are made for better support.
  • These are not as durable as other cleats.
  • These cleats fit narrowly.

#5. Adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse 4 Mid Baseball Cleat

These baseball cleats are a great option for those who are asking  the question... “should catchers wear high top cleats?” These are made with a mid rise collar and a toe overlay for added support around the ankles and toes during play. The mesh lining is breathable enough to keep your feet cool as well.

The midsole is lightweight, and the cushioning inside is perfect for spending hours on your feet playing the game you love. The rubber outsole and spikes provide great traction while keeping your comfortable as well. These shoes are made a nubuck upper that has contrast accents for style and comfort at the same time.

When you are ordering these cleats, it is suggested that they are ordered up a half size since the sizing is a bit off. These also require a good bit of breaking-in time. They are made smaller, and they are not as flexible as other brands, which can make it difficult to wear during play. 

  • The cleats are made with comfort in mind. These are made with rubber spikes.
  • The fit of these cleats is excellent.
  • The sizing is off, so you need to order a half size larger.
  • These require a bit of breaking-in.

#6. Under Armour Men's Leadoff Cleat

Under Armour is one of the leading cleat brands for all baseball players, and their leadoff cleat is a great option for baseball players of all ages. The leather upper is made to be durable and comfortable, and their tongue is made with mesh for better breathability. The midsole is comfortable, cushioning, and dispersing of the cleat pressure.

The shoes are a low top version, and the molded rubber outsole along with the rubber spikes makes for better traction while out on the field of any kind. These cleats are perfect for many teams since they come in the black and white colors to match any uniform color. Durable and supportive, these cleats are great for any position on the diamond, whether you play in the outfield or the infield.

One of the negatives about these cleats is the sizing. These run a bit small, so it is advised to order these shoes in a half size larger. They also take a bit of time to break in, which might hinder playing time in these new cleats.

  • These are made with a comfortable fit after breaking in.
  • They are made with rubber spikes.
  • The colors are stylish and match most uniform color schemes.
  • These shoes require breaking in.
  • They are sized differently so it is best to order half a size larger.

#7. New Balance Men's L4040v4 Metal Cleats

These low-cut cleats are ideal for playing outfield positions. They have a debris-free tongue, which means no more dirt clogs or grass clippings stuck inside the cleats during play. The midsole is made with a special full-length technology that is from the New Balance brand. They also have a data-driven platform that works to ensure that each cleat is made specifically for baseball players.

The upper is made from a synthetic or nubuck material is provides both support and comfort, and the synthetic sole does a great job at keeping the spikes in place for better traction during play. The spikes are made from metal, which fits the requirements of many baseball levels. These are perfect for baseball players of all ages, all positions, and all levels of the sport.

Like all products, there are a few concerns to be aware of when purchasing these cleats. For one, the shoelaces are made shorter than other brands. They are not quite long enough to get a good tie, but they can be changed out. These also only come in one single color option, bright white. This means that these shoes get dirty easily and are not so easy to clean.

  • These cleats are made with comfort soles.
  • The spikes are metal for better tractions.
  • The tongue is made of debris-free technology.
  • They are supportive of the feet during play.
  • The shoelaces are not quite long enough.
  • These are not easy to clean once they get dirty.

#8. Nike Men's Vapor Strike 2 Low Molded Baseball Cleats

These baseball cleats are made with a low-cut option with a leather upper to give you support and traction while playing. These cleats are also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about too much weight dragging you down while stealing a base. The mesh collar and the mesh tongue provide breathability for those hot playing days, and it even has perforations in the toe box for ventilation on your toes.

The sock liner is an additional feature that helps cushion the foot but also keep your socks in place. It is lightweight as well. The TPU drag cap on the shoes helps enhance the durability of the forefoot while playing. Overall, these cleats are a great option for those who need rubber spikes on the field.

There are a few negatives about these shoes. They fit a bit narrow on the feet, which can be troublesome when trying to break them in. Many people suggest ordering a half size larger to ensure a good fit. These honestly take quite a bit of time to break in as well since they are often too tight or too stiff.

  • The one-piece molded sole provides durability.
  • These cleats provide great foot support.
  • The ventilation on the sides helps keep the feet cool and dry.
  • The rubber spikes provide better traction.
  • These cleats fit narrowly.
  • They require quite a bit of time to break in properly.​​​​​

#9. Under Armour Men's Deception Baseball Cleats

If you are looking for a stylish option, then these cleats are a great fit. These come in multiple color options, each one matching with different uniform colors and schemes. These cleats are also equipped with a variety of features that are new to the company like the molded Pebax technology for example. They are lighter than past cleats, and they are made for better traction.

These are made with a medium top for better ankle and foot support during play. They have a better, more customized fit, and they morph into the shape of your foot and ankle after several uses. The molded tongue helps give the best fit possible. The midsole is pliable and soft for better more flexible movements.

Unfortunately, all products have a few negative things about them. These cleats are a bit snug upon first wear, which is why it is important to break them in properly. However, breaking them in could take some time, which is another negative about these shoes.

  • These are made with a comfortable fit.
  • These cleats are equipped with better ankle and foot support.
  • They are stylish and come in several color options.
  • These are a great value.
  • First wear of these cleats shows that they are a bit snug.
  • These take quite a bit of time to break in.

#10. **Bonus Review** Mizuno Men's Softball Cleat

Looking for a softball cleat? We thought we wouldn't leave you out.

These cleats are unique since they are made with a special traction outsole and special stud design that is unique to softball, turf cleats. The tongue on the shoes is padded, along with the collar, to provide added comfort while you wear them and during play. The shoe is lightweight enough to not hinder your speed or traction while running.

These are some of the best baseball cleats for pitchers who are warming up in the bullpen or practicing between games since they provide better traction on the mound. The cleat is flexible enough to give the pitcher or another player the freedom to move and adjust, and they only weigh about 12 ounces total. However, the multi-flex zones on the cleats are the true MVPs of these shoes since they provide comfort, support, and flexibility to all players.

When ordering these cleats, you will need to order up a half size since the sizing is a bit off. They are made for those with narrow feet as well, so for some players, the cleats might feel a bit snug when they first put them on. A bit of breaking in will help eliminate the tightness, however.

  • These cleats are lightweight.
  • The short, turf spikes help provide better traction on hard soil.
  • These shoes have great ankle support.
  • These do not require a long break-in period.​​​​​
  • The sizing runs small according to some buyers.
  • These shoes are made for those with narrow feet.​​​​​

Conclusion: Our Pick for Best Cleat

Baseball is America’s pastime. It is a sport that requires skill, critical thinking, and quick feet. While choosing the right baseball glove and bat is important, it is hard to have quick feet without some form of traction on the dirt or the grass. This is why cleats have become an important part of the grand game of baseball. Baseball cleats are made from a variety of materials and with a variety of features nowadays. From metal spikes to rubber and even to turf spikes, there are so many options to choose from.

Whether you are searching for the best youth baseball cleats or even the best baseball cleats for adults, you might need a bit of help to choose the right pair to fit your needs. With a list of the top ten baseball cleats on the market and a quick guide to help you, you can make a confident purchase and find the best baseball cleats to help make the time in the diamond unforgettable. Our winner from the list above? The simple but reliable Mizuno Men's Baseball Cleat.