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Welcome to our Daily DraftKings Picks! Check back here daily for our updated picks and/or scheduling announcements.

In our first DFS reader submission, Aaron Higa offers his thoughts on Saturday's early action.


In the final installment of our Daily DraftKings Picks, Bryan Curley loads up on cheap Red Sox youngsters in a home game against Chris Capuano.


In our final shortened MLB Thursday edition of Daily DraftKings Picks, Bryan Curley examines some of the day's best DFS values.


I missed the cash all around yesterday. In the Official Lineup my offense was so-so but not what I paid for. I acknowledged risks with low-priced pitching and expected more out of my Tigers. Robbie Erlin, a staple of both lineups, only scored 4.2 points and didn't crack 90 pitches. In fact in the comments [...]


Yesterday my Pirates stack against Aaron Harang didn't go as planned. A lone Andrew McCutchen homer was Pittsburgh's offense, and that wasn't enough to do anything meaningful for my squad. It was slim pickings on a short Monday so Danny Duffy performed to expectations, but I hoped for more out of Derek Holland. Overall my [...]


After a long baseball season we're finally down to the last week. I haven't had a fantasy team play a meaningful matchup in over a month so the DFS slate has been what's fueled my fantasy addiction. We've also had a pretty successful run over the past couple weeks, though last Friday could have gone [...]

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Yesterday I had some issues updating my entry after lineups were submitted, so my Official Lineup below contains two players who didn't start -- Justin Turner and Gregory Polanco. Oh well! For the players that did play, my pitchers were very good as Gio Gonzalez and Danny Salazar combined for 50 points, and both Wilin Rosario [...]


Bryan Curley helps you navigate the DFS waters on a short-slate Thursday and suggests you add a trio of Rockies to your lineup.


Yesterday my Official Lineup came out blazing as Corey Kluber was dominant against the Astros and Wilmer Flores kept crushing with a two-homer, 43-point effort. Then Scott Kazmir, who was shaky but successful for his first couple innings, completely lost it and ended up posting a 1.75-point day. All-in-all, though, the Official Lineup scored 127.10 [...]


Yesterday my Official Lineup performed quite well, scoring 148.00 points and finishing 627th-of-5,750 in what was a day of high points totals. Pitching paved the way as Jacob deGrom fanned 13 Marlins in the early game and then Andrew Cashner outdid him with a complete game shutout. The Dodgers scored 11 runs as expected, though [...]