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Daily SP Rankings: Wednesday, Sep 3

Wednesday gives us a disappointing slate of starters with just 11 pitchers rating league average or better (plus another right there at 99.9) and only two big name fantasy starters (the guys at the top).

  • Last time out against the Nationals, Felix Hernandez was blasted for four home runs. Harold Reynolds of MLB Tonight thinks Hernandez has some sort of injury. I don’t like speculating injury and Hernandez’s velocity showed no signs of decline, so I’ll chalk it up to a bad start and move on. He could be hurt but how are you not starting him here?
  • Andrew Cashner has a disappointing spot in the rankings (he’s the guy at 99.9) in his start against the Diamondbacks. I like him more than Steamer does; they project a 3.87 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, and 7.16 K/9. The WHIP and Ks seem about right, but I’m banking on a better ERA.
  • Lower in the rankings, I like Tom Koehler against the Mets for a sneaky-good outing.

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These rankings account for atmospheric conditions with data provided by

VMI-200x200While Park Factors account for the yearly average air density at a ballpark, they don’t account for game-by-game changes, which tracks. With this data, our rankings are now more accurate than ever! If you’re interested in exploring what can do for your fantasy roster, check out their fantasy package.

How to Read These Rankings

  • Stmr: Projected ROS ERA from Steamer
  • Rating: 100 is average and higher is better
  • IP/K/ERA/WHIP: Projected stats for the game in question
  • W%/L%: Likelihood of the SP picking up a Win or Loss
  • PTS: Projected points total in points leagues

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