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Daily SP Rankings: Friday, August 8

In Wednesday’s Profcast, Jake Devereaux and I discussed our top 10 SP rankings. I still have Madison Bumgarner as a top 10 pitcher, which I think is fairly obvious, but Bumgarner’s struggles have prompted a ton of emails from readers concerning what his value is going forward. I see little reason to devalue him as his age, K rate, BB rate, and most other metrics seem fine. He’s just had a couple blow-ups. It happens, even to Clayton Kershaw.

  • Jered Weaver draws the Red Sox and the pitiful Allen Webster, who has 29 walks and 28 strikeouts in his 38.1 career innings. The sample size for Webster is very small, but he’s given zero hope of turning a corner any time soon and especially against an offense like the Angels.
  • Justin Masterson now plays in the NL but has to come back to the AL and pitch against the Orioles. I’m benching him here.
  • Jason Vargas got lit up in his first start back from the DL (7 ER in 4.1 IP @OAK) but I’d start him against the Giants. Then again, I’m partial to Vargas and tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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These rankings account for atmospheric conditions with data provided by

VMI-200x200While Park Factors account for the yearly average air density at a ballpark, they don’t account for game-by-game changes, which tracks. With this data, our rankings are now more accurate than ever! If you’re interested in exploring what can do for your fantasy roster, check out their fantasy package.

How to Read These Rankings

  • Stmr: Projected ROS ERA from Steamer
  • Rating: 100 is average and higher is better
  • IP/K/ERA/WHIP: Projected stats for the game in question
  • W%/L%: Likelihood of the SP picking up a Win or Loss
  • PTS: Projected points total in points leagues

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