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Foul Paul! 13 Fantasy Headlines

In our internet baseball travels, we encountered a man who had created an app that lets you create your own fake fantasy headline to put a good scare into a friend. Use this as a simple prank or perhaps to persuade a late-night blockbuster. It’s immoral, sure, but it’s all in the name of winning.

Baseball Professor’s Paul Beck got a hold of the app. These are the 13 fantasy headlines he came up with. Use them on your own leaguemates. You can find the ScareCenter app here for Android and here for iPhone.















Be sure to read next weeks Foul Paul! … or else. I don’t even know anymore. Just do me a solid and read it.


About the author: I am the guy that is responsible for the disaster that is Foul Paul!, which is posted every Friday. I grew up in the SF Bay Area, graduated from the California Maritime Academy, and live and die the Oakland A’s. And yes, your suspicions are confirmed, I am the resident bad-ass of the fantasy baseball community. (@alcohpaulism)

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  • Mark Vancleer

    Oh man, this is gonna come in handy…

    • Bryan Curley

      If you send any creative ones to leaguemates, tweet them to us @BaseballProf!

  • Bryan Curley

    Puig homered today!

  • Lipstickpiclover

    I can’t wait to use this on my friends. Haha Thanks for sharing!

    • Bryan Curley

      No worries, if you make any good ones send them to us @BaseballProf on Twitter!