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2014 Midseason Prospect Rankings: 1-25

After Thursday’s release of my prospect rankings for guys ranked 26-50, it only makes sense we give you the rest of the list today.

And just like Thursday, the way I ranked these guys is simple: How do I think they will perform in a fantasy league for years to come? 

In simple terms it means that I would not trade my number one ranked guy for my number two ranked guy in a dynasty format.  Obviously it doesn’t take into account team need but it shows you just how I think about these guys for your future fantasy rosters. Positional scarcity, track record of major league team at developing talent, and player makeup are all considered strongly but defense doesn’t play a large roll unless I think it will seriously sway playing time one way or another.

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1. Carlos Correa, SS, HOU

Age: 19 | Current Level: A+ | ETA: Mid-2015

Correa has the poise and skill set you dream about from a first round pick and has a real chance to be the face of the Astros for years to come and provide David Wright-like production at SS.

2. Byron Buxton, CF, MIN

Age: 20 | Current Level: A+ | ETA: Mid-2015

Buxton has finally made his way back to the minors after battling injuries all year. He has without a doubt the loudest tools in the minors but I prefer Correa’s makeup and position and like his chances of reaching his full potential slightly more than Buxton.

3. Kris Bryant, 3B, CHC

Age: 22 | Current Level: AAA | ETA: Late-2014

His bat can be heard from outer space when he connects with the ball. Future superstar and true middle of the order bat.

4. Addison Russell, SS, CHC

Age: 20, Current Level: AA | ETA: Mid-2015

The Cubs system got even better with his addition but I think he still ends up at SS. He will be in a better hitter’s park and easier league to boot. He should eventually challenge for many 20/20 seasons with a good average.

5. Miguel Sano, 3B, MIN

Age: 21| Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

His recovery from Tommy John surgery has been going smoothly and shouldn’t hurt his long term prospects much. The power potential here could even exceed that of Bryant.

6. Archie Bradley, P, ARI

Age: 21 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2014

Bradley is the furthest along of all of the potential ace pitchers in the minor leagues. He could reach the majors later this year if he stays healthy but it may be in the bullpen.

7. Javier Baez, SS, CHC

Age: 21 | Current Level: AAA | ETA: Late-2014

Baez is having a tough year but the tools that made him the player he is (like the amazing bat speed) are still there. I expect he will figure it out. The man still had 30+ HR potential with gobs of athleticism.

8. Dylan Bundy, P, BAL

Age: 21 | Current Level: A+ | ETA: Early-2015

Bundy has what many scouts say is the best cutter in all of the minors and has the makeup of a true #1 starter. He likely won’t join the Baltimore rotation until 2015 due to the Tommy John setback.

9. Corey Seager, SS, LAD

Age: 20 | Current Level: A+ | ETA: 2016

Few prospects deserve a promotion more than Seager. He is annihilating A+ pitching and with Miguel Sano and Bryant threats to move elsewhere on the diamond, he could be the best speculative 3B add in the minors. He may yet stay at short for a few years, though.

10. Jon Gray, P, COL

Age: 22 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2014

Gray has outperformed fellow draftee Mark Appel so far but has fallen a little short of my lofty expectations for him. I would love to see him start going longer during his outings. The strikeout potential is off the charts with this guy.

11. Arismendy Alcantara, 2B, CHC

Age: 22 | Current Level: MLB | ETA: N/A

Alcantara was not thought to be one of the better Cubs prospects coming into the year but he now finds himself behind only Baez and Bryant. He can be a top five fantasy 2B with his speed power combo and makes the list because I had finalized it before his call up this week.

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12. Lucas Giolito, P, WAS

Age: 19 | Current Level: A | ETA: 2016

In a couple of years it isn’t difficult to envision Washington having the best one-two punch in baseball with Stephen Strasburg and Giolito. His fastball and curveball are off the charts and everything else is coming along swimmingly.

13. Joc Pederson, OF, LAD

Age: 22 | Current Level: AAA | ETA: Late-2014

Pederson has now recovered from his shoulder and his only obstacle from reaching the bigs is lack of an outfield spot for him to play. If the Dodgers make a splash at the deadline that could change fast. He could be what Will Venable was last year.

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14. Robert Stephenson, P, CIN

Age: 21 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

Stephenson still has control problems but his stuff is unreal. He needs some seasoning but has an ace ceiling if he can reign in his plus offerings. The Reds also have a great track record with developing young talent.

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15. Joey Gallo, 3B, TEX

Age: 20 | Current Level: AA | ETA: 2015

I was on record as saying I didn’t even know if Gallo had good enough stuff to ever make it to the show. He has completely altered his approach this year and could be a game changer at the next level. This huge climber with massive upside is a potential HR league leader.

16. Noah Syndergaard, P, NYM

Age: 21 | Current Level: AAA | ETA: Early-2015

Syndergaard continues to have a rough season in the hitter friendly PCL but I remain high on him. Syndergaard has an incredible fastball and plus-plus curveball. He needs a change-up to be a true ace but his control is very advanced.

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17. Hunter Harvey, P, BAL

Age: 19 | Current Level: A | ETA: 2016

During his two years so far in the minors, Harvey has not seen his K/9 drop below double digits. The 2013 first round pick will make cap off a formidable top 3 of Bundy, Kevin Gausman, and Harvey. The future is bright at Camden Yards.

18. Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE

Age: 20 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Early-2015

With great defense, good average, and plus speed Lindor could be a top 10 fantasy SS for years to come. He could be very similar to Elvis Andrus with even better defense.

Read Jake’s full Francisco Lindor prospect profile.

19. Jesse Winker, OF, CIN

Age: 20 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Mid-2015

Winker was not expected to be so good so fast. He has great plate discipline and plus power that should play at any level. With a real need in LF, Cincinnati could promote him within the next calendar year despite the below average arm.

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20. Josh Bell, OF, PIT

Age: 21 | Current Level: A+ | ETA: 2016

At 6’4 and 200 pounds Josh Bell seems like he should be a power hitting corner outfielder. With nine homers so far this season he is beginning to give us glimpses of that tool to go along with a great average. That Pittsburg outfield sure is crowded, though.

21. Jameson Taillon, P, PIT

Age: 22 | Current Level: AAA | ETA: Late-2015

Taillon continues to recover from last year’s Tommy John surgery. If everything progresses correctly he could be a solid number two starter behind Gerrit Cole for years to come. The 6’6 Texan still has elite stuff.

22. Hunter Dozier, 3B, KC

Age: 22 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

This Mike Moustakas insurance policy sure doesn’t have the same type of power Moustakas does but he makes more contact and should be a first division regular.

23. Kyle Zimmer, P, KC

Age: 22 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

The fifth overall pick in 2012 hasn’t played at all this year but his stuff impressed me as much as anyone’s in 2013. The results weren’t always there but the stuff came to play every day. He just started throwing again post-shoulder injury.

24. Henry Owens, P, BOS

Age: 21 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

With the graduation of Mookie Betts the new number one prospect for the Red Sox is Henry Owens. He could be a great number two if he can master his command. His stuff is electric.

25. Jorge Soler, OF, CHC

Age: 22 | Current Level: AA | ETA: Late-2015

When he is on the field you see why he is a potential all-star right fielder the question with Soler remains his health and makeup. Many scouts preferred his physical tools to Puig.


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  • Chris

    In part of my dynasty league rebuild, I acquired Buxton, Russell, Bradley, and Bryant this offseason. I also moved WIsler for Alcantara in April. I nabbed Nelson in May for cheap. Combine this with acquiring Springer and Wacha early last year (as well as drafting Jose Fernandez) and I have one of the best rebuild teams working. This site has been helpful in making me make tough decisions.

    • Jake Devereaux

      Thanks for the praise Chris, sounds like your team is going to be really good soon. Great additions! I love the Alcantara trade.

  • disqus_J6QuqCWrVp

    how is taillon a Texan when he pitched for team Canada in the WBC last season? I guess one could be both, but one is northernly and the other is to the south.

    • Jake Devereaux

      Born if Florida, Raised in TX, Parents from Canada, he has dual citizenship.

  • Jack

    Nice to see Winker getting high praise. A lot of sites had Ervin higher than Winker to start the year and I thought they were crazy. Watch one AB of Winker and it’s hard not to drool over his potential hitting in GAB.

    Also can’t wait to see Pederson in the show!

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