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Daily SP Rankings: Friday, Jun 13

Clayton Kershaw takes the mound on Friday and towers over the field. Arizona has been a tough out in recent weeks, posting a .355 wOBA in June, the 3rd-best in baseball. However prior to Arizona’s 4-1 defeat at Houston on Wednesday, the Diamondbacks had played 15 straight games either at Chase Field or Coors Field. Those are two of the best hitter’s parks in baseball. Let’s see how well they do in a slight pitcher’s park against the best pitcher in baseball. Kershaw has a career 1.91 FIP against Arizona’s current roster, and the game takes place in LA.

  • The Padres have a .197 wOBA and 29.0 K% in June. Start Bartolo Colon with confidence.
  • Speaking of bad offenses, the rest of June’s Bottom 5 round out as follows: Yankees (.263), Marlins (.278), Cardinals (.278), Phillies (.284). It should be noted that New York has Carlos Beltran back, though.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the Pirates (.362), Twins (.357), Diamondbacks (.355), Orioles (.346), and Indians (.345) make up June’s Top 5. Minnesota has welcomed back Josh Willingham and recently added Kendrys Morales (free agency) and Oswaldo Arcia (minors), so they have some punch.

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These rankings account for atmospheric conditions with data provided by

VMI-200x200While Park Factors account for the yearly average air density at a ballpark, they don’t account for game-by-game changes, which tracks. With this data, our rankings are now more accurate than ever! If you’re interested in exploring what can do for your fantasy roster, check out their fantasy package.

How to Read These Rankings

  • Rating: 100 is average and higher is better
  • IP/K/ERA/WHIP: Projected stats for the game in question
  • W%/L%: Likelihood of the SP picking up a Win or Loss
  • PTS: Projected points total in daily DraftStreet leagues (where we play)

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