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Baseball Profcast: Ventura Is Latest To Fall


In Episode 63, Professors Adam Nodiff (@ANodBaseball) and Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) recap all fantasy relevant news from around the league.

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Today’s topics include:

  • The long term impact of Yordano Ventura‘s injury
  • Whether it is time to cut bait on Domonic Brown
  • Why Tommy Milone is a must start at home
  • Who will move into the rotation while Clay Buchholz recovers from his “injury”
  • The issue with relying on guys who have so much value tied to steals

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About the author: George graduated with a degree in Journalism, but instead of walking at his graduation, he walked down the aisle at his wedding. He’s been playing fantasy baseball for over a decade and his interest and knowledge in the sport is as big and growing as his eyebrows are bushy…and growing. (@BaseballProf)

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