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8 Catchers Who Have A Shot At The Top 10

Ramos has power potential, but will he deliver on it?

Ramos has power potential, but will he deliver on it?

I’ve actually never played in a two-catcher league, but the Baseball Professor early bird mock draft is formatted for us to start two catchers, and it has led me to a game changing theory!

Catcher is a deep position…OK, so not so game changing, but still better than this apparently “game changing” sandwich.

If you’ve been following the draft you will notice that I still don’t have my second catcher and that’s no accident. It’s because there are a lot of guys who would be considered outside the top 10 or 12 at the position that I think have a legitimate shot, or at the very least a puncher’s chance, to get there this year.

Without further adieu, here is list number 8, enjoy.

Catchers Who Have a Shot at the Top 10 in 2014

Wilson Ramos — He really raked over the second half of season. Really, really, really raked. In just 78 games, he had 16 HR and 59 RBI. That’s what I like to call a “Whoa baby” pace. I know, it’s completely unsustainable and catchers will always miss or sit out plenty of games, but that’s still a 162 game pace of 34 HR and 123 RBI. Now, I know he isn’t anywhere close to that good, but even if he puts up 60% of those numbers he’ll be knocking on the door as a top 12 catcher. Oh yeah, and another thing — he’s only 26.

Evan Gattis — It’s not an absolute fact that Brian McCann will leave the Braves, but it’s pretty darn close. That leaves a rather large hole in their offense. Out of the catcher spot especially, it will be awfully difficult for the Braves to find similar production to McCann. I doubt Atlanta will look past Gattis, especially given his price tag. From a fantasy perspective, Gattis will never be the complete player that McCann was, but just like chicks, fantasy players dig the long ball (as well as the chicks that dig the long ball). Gattis hit 21 homers last year, which was good for 4th among the position. If he can hit about 20 points higher in BA, which I know is easier said than done, he has a good chance to climb the catcher rankings.

Miguel Montero — Someone must have given this guy a hall pass last year, because after two straight seasons of top-10 worthy production he completely disappeared. I can’t completely disregard his previous 15 HR, 80+ RBI seasons because of one down year. This could just be shame on me, but I’m willing to forgive and forget.

Yasmani Grandal — He hasn’t been able to get in a groove because his seasons keep getting cut short by injury or suspension. So annoying. That said, he’s still only 25 and has top-level talent, and scouts used to rave about him all the time. He’s a career .310 minor league hitter with 20 HR in 180 total games, and it was just a year ago (2012) that he put up great numbers in the majors too — 8 HR, 36 RBI, and a .297 BA in just 60 games. I wouldn’t be shocked if he turns out to be the best player on this list.

Travis d’Arnaud — According to Baseball America d’Arnaud has been a top 25 prospect for the last few years. I really don’t care that he struggled after getting called up last year — it happens to the best of ’em — and d’Arnaud is indeed the best of ’em (when healthy). He should have a clear path to the full time gig next year if for no other reason than because the Mets need to see what they have with him (assuming they don’t trade him). If he puts it all together, he has the potential to be a great source of positional average and power regardless of what Foul Paul! says about the Mets.

Carlos Ruiz — To be honest, I never really believed in Ruiz, even after his magical 2012. The only reason he’s on this list is because he has done it before. I know you don’t pay for past results, but just one year removed from a 16 HR, 68 RBI season? I think he needs to at least be acknowledged. I won’t be targeting him per say, but I won’t be shocked if he turns out to be useful in two catcher leagues either.

Devin Mesoraco — I wrote about him already in a previous list, so excuse the double dip. I can see George Costanza getting yelled at now, but nothing has changed since I wrote that post. I still believe in Mesoraco, and he’s still a catcher. The guy has 20 HR in him, easily, and it won’t be long before he’s fantasy relevant.

Josmil Pinto — Another double dip! What can I say, new content is overrated. Seriously though, Pinto crushed it last year when he played, and I think there’s a real possibility Joe Mauer starts playing more first base. You need to wait and see how the Twins play it as we approach next April, but don’t forget about Pinto, especially for your deep leagues.

As always, if there is a list you would like to see please suggest one.


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Updated: November 8, 2013 — 3:19 pm
  • Matt Commins

    I’d also recommend adding Yan Gomes to your list. With Carlos Santana likely to get more time at DH, Gomes is the perfect type of catcher in two catcher leagues.

    • Adam Nodiff

      That’s a good call Matt. Gomes certainly showed last year that he can be very productive when given regular at bats.

  • Larry Baker

    This may be a serious dark horse candidate but I wouldn’t forget about Jesus Montero. He will only have 1 more year of C eligibility but he is hitting the ball very well in Venezuala right now and could easily crack the team in spring as a full time DH. Top 10 may be a stretch but if he can muster 500 plate appearances next season you never know. Maybe not having to worry about catching would do him wonders. It wasn’t that long ago he was a can’t miss prospect, although that WAS before the PED suspension.

    I’m not a big believer in Ruiz, another PED offender funny enough. Most reports have the Rockies the most interested, which sounds great but only if he got the PAs. Rosario would definitely play a lot of 1b if they don’t sign a veteran to man the position (or RF to move Cuddyer to 1b) but I think 400 PAs would be a stretch for Ruiz and that wouldn’t be nearly enough for him to crack the top 10.

    Good calls on Grandal and Pinto (also the commenter who mentioned Gomes). There has been a changing of the guard recently with Napoli and VMart losing eligibility. My guess, the next ones will be Mauer, Santana, and Posey.

    Keep up the good lists btw, for some of us there is no such thing as a fantasy baseball offseason. Love reading fresh material while others are paying attention to football and basketball (why I’ll never know)

    • Adam Nodiff

      All really great stuff Larry. We will see if Montero can get his act together, but I do believe somewhere in there is potential for a good player.

      Also, Mauer to 1B…Free Pinto!

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