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The Most Under Appreciated Hitters of 2013

Freeman takes his game (and his hugs) very seriously.

Freeman takes his game (and his hugs) very seriously.

I am continuing on my mission to create as many lists as possible from now till the start of Opening Day, 2014.

To recap the premise, I will pick a topic (or you can help me on my journey by suggesting one) and I will give myself 10 minutes to cut through the baloney and put things together. I promise it will always be short (and not necessarily in rank order), but always pretty good…pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Keeping that in mind, here goes with list number 2:

The most under appreciated hitters in fantasy for 2013

Freddie FreemanHe’s going to have the same stats (or better) as Joey Votto but with a much cheaper price tag.

Daniel Murphy — Mr. Met had a .286 BA, 20+ SB and double digits homers (i.e., a better statistical year than Dustin Pedroia).

Josh Donaldson– Ugh, I was never a believer all season long, but looking back on it I would like to tell Josh, “Hey man, that was my bad, you’re a top 5 third baseman, bro.”

Hunter Pence — His stats look way better than his funky swing does.

Jonathan Lucroy — Not sure why he isn’t in the conversation for top 3 catcher. Plus, he’s getting better and better.

Nelson Cruz — He will be 30 homers in the bank even without the special spinach.

Colby Rasmus — If you take just the 112 games started and project it over a full season, he was on pace for 30 HR and 90 RBI this year. That will win some bar bets.

Michael Cuddyer — Can you have this list without him?

Eric Young Jr. — I know steals always come into the league, but you can find a place for a cheap 40+ on your team.


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