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Player Profile #103: Rickie Weeks | 2B | MIL

When I think back on Rickie Weeks‘ 2012 fantasy season, I’m mostly overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions. If you look at his end-of-season stat line, though, it wasn’t really all that bad.

Yes, his .230 batting average over 588 at-bats was a category killer, but his 21 homers, 16 steals, and 85 runs were actually pretty useful. What really soured me on Weeks last year was his atrocious start. Through May, Milwaukee’s second baseman was slashing just .158/.292/.294. I promise you there are no typos in there. Weeks was actually slugging under .300.

June was another down month as Weeks posted an OPS of just .653, but something clicked as July rolled around. That month he had an OPS of .912 while hitting five homers and driving in 15 runs. His OPS fell in August, but Weeks then decided to score 22 runs that month, and in September he decided to steal six bases! It was certainly a roller coaster ride, and if you’re like me you probably dumped Weeks after an unbearable start, but in the end he put up a rather typical Weeks-type season.


At a Glance

  • Strengths: R, HR, OBP, CS
  • Neutral: RBI, SB, BA, SLG, OPS
  • Weaknesses: BA

Player Comparisons

Rickie Weeks 2013 Fantasy Projection

Over the course of the last few years, Weeks has developed a reputation as a streaky player. I play H2H leagues almost exclusively and have owned Weeks for the last several seasons, so I can attest to how frustrating his is to own in those formats. He seems like a prototypical roto player these days, someone you can draft, plug into your lineup, and coast with for six months. He’ll have stretches of great play and stretches where you want to drop him, but in the end he’ll end up with a so-so batting average (last year’s abysmal start aside), 20+ homers, and a good number of runs and RBI.

I’d also like to take this time to dispel any “Weeks is injury prone” rumors that people always seems to mention when talking about him. Weeks used to be injury prone, but he’s actually been a pretty safe player over the last three years. He did miss about two months in 2011, but that was due to a freak ankle roll trying to leg out a grounder at first base, not a pulled muscle with a high probability of lingering or recurring.

If you can stomach the low average (H2H leagues) or need a second baseman with a little pop, add Weeks to your team’s list of targets. Our projected line from him is pretty solid, something he almost attained last year despite going through one of the worst two-month stretches of ineptitude I’ve ever seen, and would result in a borderline top-100 fantasy season. And don’t forget that just two years ago he ranked 41st overall.


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Updated: February 7, 2013 — 9:57 pm
  • Big Mac aka Lem aka Alehandro

    Rickie Weeks is so hit-and-miss. Like you said, it’s very frustrating to own the guy but at the same time you know what he’s capable of doing and in the back of your mind, you want to be the guy to draft him and stash him just in case he breaks out.

    Thanks for the player profiles, by the way. Definitely insightful stuff.

    • Bryan Curley

      No problem Big Mac. Or Lem. Or Alehandro. Whatever you go by. Haha they’re definitely time consuming but we love them at the same time. Thanks for reading!

  • Legoriffic
  • Newbill Crysta

    Well, I believe Both Weeks Brothers Will have an Great 2013 season.
    Good Luck to Both of Weeks brothers. From one of your Orlando fans

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