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Complete MLB Batter Splits vs. LHP/RHP

Yesterday we posted some top 50 lists for batters including the best batters versus RHP, best batters versus LHP, batters with the largest and smallest gaps between the two and the best left-handed batters versus LHP.

A commenter (and hopefully a loyal reader) asked us to post our complete list of splits that we used to generate our top 50 lists. Being the personable fantasy site that we are, we graciously obliged. We expanded our qualifying requirements to include more batters for this table, so feel free to sort, re-sort and comment as you please.

Batters qualified if they had 750 plate appearances versus RHP from 2008-2010 (232 such batters) and 300 plate appearances versus LHP (230 such batters). Only 202 batters fit both these requirements. Two columns have also been added, “LHP Specialists” and “RHP Specialist.” These denote batters who had at least a 50-point gap in batting average against LHP and RHP.

[table id=73 /]


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Updated: February 16, 2011 — 2:52 pm
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