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2011 Sleepers: Players Who Will See More AB

Every season you scour draft boards and the pool of available players looking for the next breakout star. Sometimes it’s as easy as finding players who have gotten a chance to play everyday and will now get a full season of at-bats. These are some of the notable players in 2011 who will now be seeing regular playing time, and that right there makes many of them sleepers in the broadest sense of the word. Each player is listed with the team he plays for and now many plate appearances (PA) he had in 2010. Some players may currently be battling for starting jobs and are of note until otherwise benched, and all players are listed at the position where they’re expected to start.


First Base

Second Base

Third Base




About the author: Bryan is the co-founder of Baseball Professor and works as a consultant specializing in operational metrics and efficiency analysis. When he’s not working, blogging, or tending to basic human needs, he enjoys pondering the vastness of the universe, rewatching episodes of Breaking Bad, and avoiding snakes. (@BaseballProf)

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