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Early 2015 Fantasy Third Base Rankings post image

Early 2015 Fantasy Third Base Rankings

With Miguel Cabrera losing eligibility and both Adrian Beltre and Josh Donaldson regressing, the door has opened for Anthony Rendon to seize control of the hot corner.

2014 Relief Pitcher Recap: Expect the Unexpected

If there's one thing we all know about relief pitchers, it's that the only thing we can count on is that we can't count on anything.

Baseball Profcast: Wrapping Up 2014

In the final show of the 2014 season, Adam and Jake revisit some preseason predictions and settle their 2014 debates before signing off until 2015.

Where Did Jose Altuve’s 2014 Come From?

We're not always right. In fact, we're wrong a lot. We're even doing a whole offseason series about all the times we were right and wrong. But whether we're right or wrong, it's always great to look back at why you were right or wrong so you can be more right and less wrong in the future, right?

2015 Fantasy Dynasty Second Base Rankings

Jose Altuve's youth and upside land him atop Jake Devereaux's dynasty 2B rankings, but how does the rest of the top 20 shake out?

Early 2015 Fantasy Second Base Rankings

Robinson Cano is boring but reliable. Too bad for him there's a newcomer at second base with a lot more potential.

2015 Fantasy Dynasty First Base Rankings

Looking long-term, it's Paul Goldschmidt that takes the reins from Miguel Cabrera, but how far does Miggy fall? Jake Devereaux answers.