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Buy Sell, Week 20: The Other Crush Davis

Carlos Beltran- Sell Don’t look now but Carlos Beltran is hitting his way back to fantasy relevance. Not only does Beltran have five home runs in August, but he also managed to bat .333 for the month as well. Warning signs are there however that we have seen the best of Beltran already. For one, [...]


Baseball Profcast: Buy Raisel Iglesias!

Jake and George are back for another FOTF where they talk about why Raisel Iglesias is a must add.


Baseball Profcast: deGrom’s Dominance

Jake and Dan discuss some fantasy baseball news and just how dominant Jacob deGrom is.

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Baseball Profcast: Jennings Returning From Injury

Adam and Lance discuss Desmond Jennings' return from injury and whether or not to trust some players over the final month-plus.


Fantasy Roundup: DFS Pitcher Ranks for Tuesday

Below you'll find DFS and streamer rankings. I classified the pitchers by category and they're ranked from best to worst in each category. I didn't write about all the pitchers, but I chose the best options available. You'll find the pitcher's name, the DraftKings salary and where the game is being played. The rankings are [...]


Baseball Profcast: Polanco’s Hot Streak

Adam and Bryan recap the weekend's action and give you some names to consider during the home stretch.


Fantasy Roundup: The Potential of Polanco

Gregory Polanco             Polanco is a player of immense potential, but throughout the first half of the season he failed to deliver on it. That has changed of late however, as since August 4, Polanco has seen his average climb from .243 to .264 and is batting .392 for the month of August. This weekend [...]


A First Glance at Breakouts of 2015

Every season sees a number of breakouts, some who were on the radar of fantasy players entering the year while others were not. Here is an overview of what we have seen from two players who have stood out to me as breakout players, what they have done to improve their performance, and how that [...]

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Baseball Profcast: Friday On The Farm

Jake and George are back for another edition of Friday on the Farm, which includes a discussion on Carlos Correa's dynasty value.